The Etiquette of the Teacher by Imam Nawawi



An excerpt from the class from Sheikh Nuh Keller

Adab of the instructor

By Imam Nawawi Courtesy of Sheikh Nuh Keller

What a teacher should demand of himself:

1, that his teachings are exemplary of true Ikhlass (sincerity, purity)

Sheikh al Hashimi
once went to teach a lesson that he was supposed to teach in the Umayyad mosque in Damascus and no one came, so he opened his book and read the lesson aloud and when he finished he closed it and left. His intention to teach was for Allah Subhanawataala and no more.


One should remain occupied in your knowledge; one should stay engaged in knowledge.

Many Imams are engaged in their many duties and cannot enrich themselves with the knowledge.

3.Should not let Pride and status interfere in Learning from someone:

“One should not be too proud to learn from someone less in…

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Madrassa student:courtesy Madrassa student:courtesy

GUIDELINES /ADVICE FROM SHAIKH SAADI (Author of Beneficial ways to have a happy life based on the Quran and Sunnah)TO HIS STUDENTS 

From: Al wasail mufeeda, lil hayatil saeeda ( Beneficial ways to have a happy life)

Author: Sheikh Saadi complete name: Abdur Rahman bin Nasir us Saadi. The SCHOLAR who wrote Tafseer Saadi (III volumes) He is Mufassir Quran.

Translation and discussion from Arabic into Urdu by Dr. Farhat Hashmi, translated in to English by yours truly below:


  1. A student should keep all the words of Allah and his Rasool (pbuh) as priority over all words from other sources, and those two will be his/her reference point and the gold standard for all facts and features.
  2. A student should strengthen his intention that he or she will keep the source of words of Allah and his Rasool as his base and foundation…

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How to Get in Shape Using Psychology: 6 New Tricks From Research


Why is there an obesity epidemic? It’s not because we eat the wrong things or we lack exercise.

Research shows that, plain and simple, most of us just eat too much:

Reported consumption increased by 268 calories for men and 143 calories for women between the two surveys. This increase is more than enough to explain the increase in steady-state weight… The available evidence suggests that calories expended have not changed significantly since 1980, while calories consumed have risen markedly.

That’s hardly shocking.

But what’s interesting is there’s a way to fix this that doesn’t involve exercise or being deprived of your favorite foods.

No, this is not some silly pitch for low carb, low fat, Crossfit or the magical supplement of the week. Actually, it’s about psychology.

Brian Wansink is a Cornell researcher who studies how we eat. He was appointed by the White House to head up…

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You Can’t Just Do It To Them

Pernille Ripp

image from icanread

“Remember, whatever I ask you to do, I ask myself to do too.”

This is how almost any assignment is handed out in my classes.  Not to make the students feel better.  Not to make them embrace the assignment more quickly.  No, it is really quite simple; I have done the assignment already.   I have spent time doing the exact same thing, following the same directions, looked at the assessment and pondered how I would do.  Not when I was their age, not when I was in college, not even last year.  No the assignment I am asking them to do, I have done in the past few days as well as I prepared.

Why is this important?  Because every day we ask students to spend their time, whether in class or after school, doing work for us to show their mastery, to practice their skills…

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