You Can’t Just Do It To Them

Pernille Ripp

image from icanread

“Remember, whatever I ask you to do, I ask myself to do too.”

This is how almost any assignment is handed out in my classes.  Not to make the students feel better.  Not to make them embrace the assignment more quickly.  No, it is really quite simple; I have done the assignment already.   I have spent time doing the exact same thing, following the same directions, looked at the assessment and pondered how I would do.  Not when I was their age, not when I was in college, not even last year.  No the assignment I am asking them to do, I have done in the past few days as well as I prepared.

Why is this important?  Because every day we ask students to spend their time, whether in class or after school, doing work for us to show their mastery, to practice their skills…

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