Halqa-e-Ghor-o-Fikar is a forum where those questions and topics are brought under discussion that are generally not part of any school, college or unversity’s curriculum. These questions and topics are those that are directly related to the responsibility of educating and training our younger generations. This responsibility belongs to us all as parents, teachers as well as students. These sessions are of two (2) types. One type of sessions has a pre-set topic like
1. Mind and Heart
2. Characteristics of Knowledge
3. Ghalib
4. Iqbal
5. Understanding how we understand
6. Advertisements
7. Media
8. parenting
9. Education through social media
The second type of sessions do not have a topic. These sessions give us the chance to raise questions about any previously discussed topics or share our reflections about them.

Below are the recordings of some of the sessions held at ERDC for Halqa-e-Ghor-o-Fikar.

Characteristics of Knowledge session 1 6-3-16

Characteristics of Knowledge session 2 13-3-16

Halqa-e-Ghor-o-Fikar 5-7-15

Halqa-e-Ghor-o-Fikar 26-7-15

Halqa-e-Ghor-o-Fikar 13-9-15